Olinick, Josh

Josh Olinick, DPT, MS, PRC

Josh Olinick, DPT, MS, PRC
Cary, NC

Josh began his PRI journey with Kyndy Boyle while in PT school (early 2005).  In trying to more deeply understand concepts presented (but not necessarily discussed) in courses at that time, he began writing essays that “connected the dots”.  Some of these are now published in PRI course manuals.  In 2019, he was recognized by the Institute with the Director’s Dedication Award.  As part owner of a neuro rehabilitation out-patient center, Josh is consulted on nearly every patient that is seen in the clinic from patients with SCI and CVA, to Stiff Man Syndrome, and Parkinson’s.  With his “non-lesioned” patients he uses a fundamentals approach, and believes in patient empowerment through education.  Special interests: visual movement analysis and functional compensation discovery.