While the Postural Restoration Institute does not have a formal mentoring program, the following PRC’s and PRT’s have expressed interest in providing mentoring to those seeking experience and guidance on their PRI educational journey. To help find the best fit for you, we have asked each mentor to provide a short paragraph below with their background and interests. Mentoring may be done in person or long distance (video or phone). If you are interested in discussing mentoring opportunities further with one of them, please reach out to them directly to discuss more details (which may include a mentoring fee for their time). 

Mentoring Opportunities

  1. Miguel Aragoncillo, B.S., CSCS, ACSM-CEP, PRT

  2. Mike DeMille, DPT, PRC

  3. Jeremiah Ferguson, DPT, OCS, PRC

  4. Sean Fitzgerald, MPT, DPT, PRC, EPPM

  5. Sean Light, MS, RSCC, LMT, CSCS, PRT

  6. Jamie Lochner, DPT, PRC

  7. Henry Lu, PT, ATC, PRC

  8. Frank Mallon, PT, DPT, PRC

  9. Eric Menchi, CSCS, PRT, PN

  10. Josh Olinick, DPT, MS, PRC

  11. Jodi Reerink, PT, PRC

  12. Jim Wittekind, PT, DPT, PRC