Advance Physical Therapy (Chapel Hill, NC)

Advance Physical Therapy, an independent, PT owned, Certified Postural Restoration Center in Chapel Hill, NC, is overflowing with patients needing Postural Restoration rehabilitation.  Are you the clinician that will join our PRI family and help meet these needs? If you recognize the power and utility of a Postural Restoration approach, your application would be of interest to us.

In addition to a generalized patient population, we offer specialized services for patients with Scoliosis and other Spinal Dysfunctions and for Pediatric patients.  We offer a Mentorship Program to those who join our practice and we actively support our therapists to achieve greater proficiency in Postural Restoration understanding and application, including certification.  We also support therapists interested in expanding their expertise in the treatment of Scoliosis or in their own specialized area of interest.

Centrally located in beautiful Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with close access to UNC, Duke, NC State Universities and Research Triangle Park, this area is growing exponentially as is our patient population.

Advance Physical Therapy offers a stimulating, collaborative, growth-oriented environment to its clinicians.  Our staff includes 5 PRCs and 1 PRT.  We meet weekly to study Postural Restoration related concepts in addition to our weekly staff meetings.  We pride ourselves on a clinic atmosphere that is both relaxed and vital. Treatment sessions are one on one with a PT for a full hour.  While we share the use of 2 gyms, therapists have their own private treatment rooms as well as a high degree of autonomy, including control of their own schedules.  This clinic has developed a highly respected reputation over its 20 years of operation. Because our patients search us out, they tend to be interested, compliant and rewarding to work with.

If you are dedicated to healing services, love lifelong learning, have a collaborative mindset and consider yourself a creative and innovative, self-motivated person, and if this setting speaks to you, please contact us.

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