James R Guzman - PTA, MS, CSCS, PRC

6302 W. Broadway St. Ste. 235, Pearland, TX 77581

PRC Credentialing Earned: 2016

PRI Courses Completed:

  • Myokinematic Restoration
  • Postural Respiration
  • Pelvis Restoration
  • Impingement & Instability
  • Advanced Integration
  • Cervical Revolution
  • Cranial Resolution
  • Occlusal Cervical Restoration
  • Forward Locomotor Movement
  • Primary Non-Manual Techniques Workshop
  • PRI Integration for Geriatrics
  • PRI Integration for Fitness & Movement

Language: English

Based out of Houston, Texas, James has been blending strength and conditioning, exercise physiology, and biomechanics into his daily physical therapy practice. For the last two decades he has adapted movement science, postural restoration, and breathing strategies to offer motor control and pain-relief in a wide variety of patients and clients.

James also draws upon his background in sports medicine and rehabilitation to introduce a more comprehensive approach at managing patients with complex multi-symptom presentations. Patients can expect to have holistic and scientifically-based methods in alleviation of their pain, as he believes this is a more effective way of delivering care.  A careful and thorough approach is taken to improve quality of gait, breathing, and postural mechanics, as he tailors treatment to individual needs to allow for return to play, work, and life.

James offers consulting as a strength and conditioning specialist to individuals needing guidance with managing dysfunction. His overall mission is to provide relief to patients and recreational athletes suffering from hip, spine and other chronic ailments. His training in osteopathic medicine allows him to properly treat neuro-respiratory driven dysfunctions in the pelvis and thorax. He also manages patients with more neurological based issues ranging from stroke (CVA), autoimmune and sympathetically driven diagnoses.

Recently, James has joined the team at Smiles Source West Houston dental practice. By working closely with Mike Cantrell, PT, PRC and Alice Lam, DDS he is able to offer relief to patients with diagnoses ranging from cranial, cervicogenic, and orofacial in nature. Typical presentations for these types of patients include headaches, visual convergence, and postural related breathing difficulty. Additionally, under the mentorship of PRI Clinicians, including Mike Cantrell, James is able to address the needs of dental patients requiring special knowledge of oral appliances and postural dentistry.

James earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Houston – Clear Lake. He also has been a practicing physical therapist assistant with more than 20 years experience. James is certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Additionally, he holds many certifications and advanced training in manual therapy, corrective exercise, and ergonomic assessment. The training that has had the most impact in the quality of his patient’s treatment outcomes is credited to the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI), as he has taken close to 30 courses and earned his PRC in 2016.

His background in academia includes teaching for the University of Houston- Clear Lake as an adjunct professor where he was able to adapt PRI concepts into his curriculum.  James took pleasure in mentoring pre-professional healthcare students in the classroom by introducing advanced concepts in physical therapy into HLTH 3316 Applied Kinesiology and HLTH 4305 Seminar in Sports Medicine. He also teaches continuing post-professional education courses to audiences ranging from physical therapists, occupational therapists, personal trainers and yoga instructors.

James’ clinical interests continue to grow as he is pursuing his clinical doctorate in physical therapy at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas.  Additionally, he continues to build his proficiency in the application of PRI with focus on dental integration and spine rehabilitation.
His passions include teaching, learning and mentoring in order to contribute to the current paradigm shift in physical therapy. When he is not spending time in the areas of academia and therapy, his time is best spent with his family, where they reside in Pearland, TX.


History of Passion

The Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) is built around 30 years of clinical practice associated with recurring successes of specific patient treatment programs. We established reproducible, outcome-based programs based on consistent evidence-based correlations, discovered with patient biomechanical, respiratory, and neurological functional patterns and limitations. My passion for the integrated systems of the body has resulted in an examination and intervention process of the asymmetrical human body called Postural Restoration.