Tricia Athans - PT, PRC

275 Pinehurst Ave, Southern Pines, NC 28327

PRC Credentialing Earned: 2016

PRI Courses Completed:

  • Myokinematic Restoration
  • Postural Respiration
  • Pelvis Restoration
  • Impingement & Instability
  • Advanced Integration
  • Cervical Revolution
  • Cranial Resolution
  • PRI Integration for Fitness & Movement
  • PRI Integration for Pediatrics
  • Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium: 2016, 2017, 2018

After graduating from PT school, Tricia worked 15 years in a variety of clinical settings along the east coast.  In 2000, she left the profession of physical therapy because of a deep dissatisfaction with traditional management of disease, pain and dysfunction.  Few clinicians were willing, or able, to treat in a wholistic manner.  She started working in a pediatric early intervention program in 2013 (treating babies birth to 3yrs), and only returned to private practice, in 2015, after experiencing and studying the fascinating integrative science of Postural Restoration as a patient at Sandhills Sports Performance.  

Tricia is passionate about breathing dysfunction and has gained a very personal understanding of the effect that a compromised airway has on the body, mind and spirit. She earned the designation of Postural Restoration Certified (PRC) in 2016 from the Postural Restoration Institute, and became a Certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist (PCES) in 2019.  Always looking for new ways to help her patients, she is currently training under the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators studying Total Body Balancing with the D’Ambrogio Institute, Craniosacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute and Visceral Manipulation with the Barral Institute.  She wishes to better understand and more fully resolve the cranial and fascial restrictions that often prevent complicated patients from successfully managing postural restoration adaptations and asymmetrical patterns to attain a lasting state of wellness.  

In her free time, Tricia enjoys being outdoors with her family - sailing, kayaking, running, mountain biking, experimenting in the garden/kitchen, and traveling.  Specialties include: pediatrics, scoliosis, TMJ, chronic pain, pelvic floor, diastasis, degenerative disc disease, neck and back pain, SI joint & sacral dysfunction, Ehlers Danlos syndrome.

History of Passion

The Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) is built around 30 years of clinical practice associated with recurring successes of specific patient treatment programs. We established reproducible, outcome-based programs based on consistent evidence-based correlations, discovered with patient biomechanical, respiratory, and neurological functional patterns and limitations. My passion for the integrated systems of the body has resulted in an examination and intervention process of the asymmetrical human body called Postural Restoration.