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Blog Posts in October 2016

Jen Poulin, one of PRI's veteran faculty members, told me that this group of attendees would be great to present to. She was spot on and this group assisted by Carolyn Weber, PT, PRC and Holly Spence, PT, PRC was most engaging and enthusiastic . There were physical therapists that either worked in a hospital setting, private practice or with local ski teams. Former ski racers, now turned physical therapists and mentors that were new to PRI got the concepts immediately and could see applications for their athletes as well as general populations. As always, the questions asked were intelligent and challenging backed by a strong drive to learn and explore new concepts and practical applications of a previously unknown science to many in the room. Also in attendance was a DC/PT, athletic trainers and strength and conditioning professionals. Vermont has a great audience and already has another PRI course scheduled for next year. Many thanks to the staff at Northwestern including Karen Staniels and Christy Cushing. Thanks again to Carolyn and Holly for your help!

Posted October 4, 2016 at 11:33AM

We had a great, diverse group last weekend for our Postural-Visual Integration Course. Thanks goes to the ATI hosts, Betsy for organizing this, and Zach and Erin, and Amy for all the work and hospitality during the course.

The mixture of course attendees included optometrists, new and previous course attendees, and some of our recent patients. The feedback received from these groups helped up appreciate where we are at, not only in the way we present this course, but in the course material as it relates to functional movement behavior. Our intent, as PRI Vision, is to provide information that will assist the clinician in reducing visuo-spatial interferences in the gait cycle, which affect the rest of the brain's sensory processing ability. From the different perspectives of these groups at the course, both during the course and since, we both feel that our objectives and the learning process that merely began during these two days is something we wish to duplicate from this point on.

We really believe this course was enhanced by the dialogue that took place between us and the group in the room. The free-spirited interplay and exchange from the groups of attendees was exciting and made our weekend extremely enjoyable! Everyone's willingness to be participatory, both on a personal and on a professional level, enriched everyone's experience in appreciating the role vision can have in day-to-day life.

Keep Moving Beyond Sight!

Ron and Heidi

Posted October 4, 2016 at 11:04AM
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