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Blog Posts in June 2016

We looked forward to the PRI Faculty Retreat primarily because we would be 'together'. Sy and Kenny, we sure missed you! Together to learn from each other; and together to teach based on how our non-millennial and millennial course attendees learn. It was an awesome 2 day experience to feel the energy in the room, sense the respect for each other and our personal differences and similarities, and experience the passion and pride that this Institute fosters. 

Each of us has a better understanding of how we become excited, why we like to teach and learn PRI concepts and applications, and what we get out of it and from it. We had so much fun hearing Mike Cantrell talk about power point presentation considerations, case study presentations, and electronic media and writing, watching the skits put on by the PRI staff, watching everyone bowl (or try to bowl), and relaxing at the lake (yes Nebraska has a few lakes)!

Presentations on inter-instructor reliability of PRI testing, course scheduling considerations, who's attending courses and what their credentials mean, copyright updates, consulting and liability issues were hopefully helpful for present and all future PRI faculty members.

We came together to learn from each other and we left together with unified PRI expectations and goals for tomorrows teaching opportunities and challenges!

Ron and Jen

The "Millennials" pictured below won the bowling tournament!

Posted June 9, 2016 at 2:07PM
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