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Blog Posts in February 2016

There are two beautiful PRI Aquatic pools laying in the Essex Physical Therapy building in Essex Junction, Vermont. I am so grateful for Estelle LeClair opening her Aquatic Center up for us on Saturday and Sunday last week and for hosting the first PRI Aquatics course. A number of Hruska Clinic and PRI Vision co-workers joined me and other course attendees interested in PRI Aquatic theory, science and application. The first day was entirely devoted to the hydrodynamic influences on motor attention, sensory-motor planning and upright performance as provided by the PRIORI pool stations. Applying PRI Aquatic concepts and PRI Non-Manual techniques to conventional pool designs and programs was so enjoyable and very helpful to those who attended and filled out an evaluation on the course. Overview of the PRISM pool science as related to patterned forward locomotion took place on the second day.  All course attendees had an opportunity to experience sequential, segmental flow and sensorial based outcomes from each pool and station, or chamber. It was so rewarding to get back into these pools and experience something that is not felt without this type of flow and directed water to integrate and redirect and readapt. On a personal note, my son, RJ felt his left abdominal obliques for the first time, while experiencing directed water flow to references that were programmed in the Hip Lounge station. He works out on dry land on a regular basis and has difficulty sensing and experiencing specific ab wall contraction. So cool.....Hopefully, in 2017 we will do this again at the IMPACT Physical Medicine and Prism Aquatic Center in Minneapolis, MN!

Posted February 4, 2016 at 4:21PM
Categories: Courses
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