Pelvis Restoration - Boston, MA - Course Review

This past weekend I had the privilege of teaching Pelvis Restoration at Northeastern University. Thank you, Steve, Katie, Jai, Mark, and Emily, for hosting. Your enthusiasm for Postural Restoration is evident and I believe this was your 11th course to host for the Institute. You guys are amazing.

I really had a wonderful time teaching a group of health professionals that were open minded to new concepts of normal human asymmetry, polyarticular chain of muscles, patterns and position and respiration as it applied to the pelvis. Over half of the class was attending their first PRI course. Isn’t that fabulous?!! Once you all start to see these patterns and apply PRI concepts, you will start to see improved clinical outcomes with the science of Postural Restoration. I have found PRI to have profoundly impacted my clinical career. I hope it does the same for you. Over the course of the weekend as understanding of the pelvic inlet and outlet were being understood, I appreciated the group discussion and questions with muscles that are “lengthened” and “shortened” in addition to turning muscles “on” with muscle inhibition. Thank you for spending your weekend with me as we learned together. You guys are all amazing.

A huge shout out to my lab assistants Karen and Cheryl—your experience and input over the weekend was appreciated and valued.  Miguel—thank you too for your insights and assistance.  Having another credentialed provider was helpful. I also enjoyed exploring and taking in Boston in the evening—seeing the Boston “Harba” and the Boston Marathon finish line.  I hope to come back!

Posted June 14, 2023 at 8:25PM
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