A Funny Thing Happened In Warner Robins, Georgia!

Last Friday I had a great experience.  I have a patient by the name of Dr. Matt Dixon.  Some PRC therapists know Dr. Dixon since the Interdisciplinary Integration course last April.  He is an optometrist and he and I went to hear Dr. Heidi Wise speak on visual integration.  Some might say I dragged him there!  It was there that he met several members of the PRI subculture.  Dr. Dixon also met Dr. Mike Hoefs who took a quick look at Matt for me and spoke of a need to modify his bite.

Well, I started getting interested and naturally I wanted to make the wheels turn faster.  To make a long story short I set it up for Dr. Hoefs to come on down to beautiful Warner Robins, GA and work with my orthodontist, Dr. Gary Pool, who is also a patient of mine and a PRI enthusiast.  We met on Friday August 12th and worked on Matt.  Imagine four clinicians: a dentist, an orthodontist, a physical therapist and an optometrist, all interested in interdisciplinary integration spending a Friday in an empty orthodontists’ office working together.  It was great! CLICK HERE to read more.

Posted August 16, 2011 at 1:16PM
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