A Powerful Testimonial from Alaska

James recently presented our Myokinematic Restoration course at the Alaska PT Association - Fall Conference.  James had the privilege to speak to nearly 90 attendees as well as find time for some fishing. He shared with us this email from a course attendee….

Dear James,

First I would like to personally thank you for coming to Alaska this past weekend to lecture on myokinematic restoration. Your course helped immediately relieve the frustration I have experienced for years regarding physical therapy protocols. My clinic has put into practice the skills we learned from your course from the very first patient of the day on Monday morning.  We have not had a single patient leave the office without substantial improvement in their condition all week!

The most dramatic cases include an elderly woman, 3 month post lumbar fusion, 6 year post bilateral hip replacement with pain of 8/10 VAS in her low back and hips. She was unable to stand from a chair without pulling herself up with her arms. In under 10 minutes, not only was she reporting pain of 0/10 VAS, but she was also able to stand from chairs of many different heights independently!

Another patient was a 20 y.o. female, hurt her back at work and had received chiropractic and exercise therapy for 8 weeks without any improvement. Pain of 8/10 VAS when I first evaluated her Tuesday morning. When she left my office, after using the repositioning techniques and 2 exercises, her pain was 0/10 VAS and it held through her day of work! She SKIPPED into my clinic this morning for her 2nd appointment. Her worst pain since Tuesday was a 1/10 VAS. We are now working on getting her into better shoes (no more flip flops) and today she was able to walk with improved stride, stance, and even demonstrated arm swing; all with pain ratings of 0/10 VAS.

Thank you doesn’t seem enough at this point. Thank you for validating our concerns with the status quo. Thank you for helping us be the physical therapists we wanted to be! We look forward to taking more of your courses in the near future.

Posted October 19, 2011 at 2:56PM
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