Weightlifting Considerations

David Drummer, DPT, PRC recently posted this blog on the topic of squatting.

Often I have patients who enjoy lifting weights ask me: “When can I squat again?” They ask because they’ve been educated to know that a large part of the reason they’re in our clinic seeking treatment is because they have a forwardly tilted pelvis and a strong tendency to arch their backs backward, and that doing resisted squats with a barbell on their shoulders will make it difficult to get out of this position. This is because when they do squats with a barbell on their shoulders, they have to arch their backs, which is not something we want when going through a PRI physical therapy program. I think many postural restoration therapists would tell a weight lifter that they should NEVER perform a resisted squat. As a former power-lifter, a former patient at the Hruska Clinic, and now a certified PRI therapist at the Hruska Clinic, I have a slightly different perspective, though don’t misunderstand what I am about to say. Don’t tell people that Dave at the Hruska Clinic says its okay to squat, if you don’t inform them of the parameters REQUIRED before I allow them to squat. READ MORE.

Posted January 10, 2012 at 5:37PM


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