Mike Cantrell Featured For His Work in Postural Restoration with Professional Athletes

Mike Cantrell was recently featured on a local news television station for his work in Postural Restoration with professional athletes and athletic teams. In addition to teaching PRI courses to many PT’s, ATC’s and strength coaches from several professional athletic organizations over the past couple years, Mike had the opportunity over this past year to work with two-time Olympic sprinter Derrick Atkins, who sought out Mike for his expertise in Postural Restoration.

Mike further explains his approach in treating athletes with Postural Restoration. “If a patient has hip pain, I’m going to say that has to do with the inability to move your pelvis, and I have a rib cage on top of that pelvis that must move, and I have a head and a neck on that rib cage, and I’ve got arms that hang off that rib cage that must move, Cantrell explained. I want to address every level of those components.”

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Posted January 17, 2013 at 4:53PM
Categories: Clinicians Athletics


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