Success Story From a New Course Attendee

Speaker James Anderson, MPT, PRC recently shared this email success story that he received after teaching the Myokinematic Restoration course in Seattle, WA in April. It’s great to hear the outcomes these attendees have with their patients and themselves!

“I just wanted to say thanks for coming out to WA to teach the Myokinematic Restoration class. I used it ALL week with patients from severe TOS/IBS to Plantar Fascitis, LBP, hip pain, pre and post-partum, cervical pain, basically every single one of my patients!!

However, the person I used it on the most was myself. I have been battling night time bilateral hand numbness for a year both median and ulnar distribution, mostly ulnar. I have a mild to moderate scoliosis. I wake with dark bags under my eyes and feel as if I dream all night. In the past year, I have had cervical films, 20+ therapeutic massages, 15 manual PT visits and 7 chiropractic visits. In just a week following the class, I have been “repositioning” 4 times/day using the 90/90 hip lift and all of the other re-positioning tips for standing, sitting, etc. I have had 6 nights of NO hand numbness and excellent sleep. I have a capnography unit to measure my CO2 levels and O2 sats. My respiratory chemistry has improved greatly. My left hamstring strain is gone, my left anterior hip impingement pain is significantly better as well as my right heel pain. I feel as if I can finally flex my lumbar segment a bit. I feel more energized and feel it is easier to breathe. I crave re-positioning as I have NO “hole control”. I will re-position after sleeping, before and after a walk, before and after work, chores, sitting at the computer, etc.

I am signed up for some PT visits with a local physical therapist who has taken more of the PRI courses so that I can keep progressing. I also signed up for the Pelvis Restoration course in August and the Postural Respiration course in September that are coming to Seattle! I was getting ready to throw in the towel as a PT. The manual work was killing me. I feel like I can definitely ride out my career now!”

Posted May 15, 2012 at 2:02PM


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