Weekend Course in Review

We had another busy weekend of PRI courses! Despite another winter storm and a few travel delays getting home, the faculty reported a great weekend!

Pelvis Restoration (Salem, OR) - This past weekend in Oregon was amazing.  Approximately 10 individuals experienced their first PRI course!  What a fun and exciting time.  It was also rewarding to see “light bulb” moments going off for others who have attended other courses.  I feel “integration” was a key word this past weekend with how the Pelvis Restoration course integrates Postural Respiration and Myokinematic Restoration together.  Understanding how that polyarticular chain of muscle integrates the whole system.  It was an awesome weekend.  Thanks Salem Health for hosting us this past weekend! -Lori Thomsen

Myokinematic Restoration (Grand Rapids, MN) - Snow, cold, and northern Minnesota hospitality came together for another great PRI course! A group of PRI educated clinicians recruited their co-workers who had not taken an actual course but had seen Postural Restoration used clinically with good results.  Less time introducing PRI concepts allowed a lot of good clinical discussion on things like how to manage the Left AIC foot pattern and dynamic standing exercise activities. -James Anderson

Cervical-Cranio-Mandibular Restoration (Minneapolis, MN) - Karen and Carrie thank you for hosting the TMCC course this past weekend. I enjoy teaching this course so much, especially when the audience is multi-disciplinary (optometrist, dentists, ATC’s, PT’s and strength coaches) and they let me “jump around” to teach in an andragogical manner. Thanks! -Ron Hruska

Posted March 13, 2013 at 8:41PM
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