2011 Shoe List

Greetings PRI therapists!  Many of you have e-mailed or called me waiting for our recommended shoe list for 2011. HERE IT IS!.  All of us at the Hruska Clinic spent well over two hours evaluating and trying on shoes for this 2011 list.  Please know that there may be shoes that are not included on this list that we did not examine.  I would encourage you to examine shoes that you are questioning for a good heel counter, minimal to no lateral heel give, ability for your patients to find and feel their arches and to push off their big toe when walking. Most importantly, make sure your patients can maintain neutrality with PRI tests with their shoes.  What works for one patient can be different for another.  It’s difficult to evaluate all the shoes on the market.

You will see a “S-M-L” after each shoe and this is referring to the build of the individual that the shoe works for (ie. small, medium, large).  In addition, I have identified if the shoe is motion control, stability or neutral for your added information.

I can’t identify another shoe as awesome as the 2009 Asics Foundation, but I will continue on my quest for shoe greatness.  Shoes change every 12 to 18 months and the 2010 model of the Foundation is good but it’s not “greatness” like the predecessor.  Also, don’t grab your AED when you see a Mizuno on the list.  Jason, Dave, Jen and I all tried it on and validated it’s presence on the list.  Shocking, but they did change the design so make sure it’s the WaveRider 14.

I would encourage you to go to your local running store and assess these shoes for yourself so you can make appropriate recommendations for your patients. 

We hope this helps you all out!

Lori Thomsen

Posted February 25, 2011 at 5:50PM
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