Pelvis Restoration - St. Louis, MO - Course in Review

Thank you Forward Fitness (Mike) for hosting Pelvis Restoration this past weekend. Fourteen healthcare and fitness practitioners were attending their FIRST PRI course. Seasoned PRI course attendees were also present and helpful for our newbies. I am more convinced than ever getting a sound foundation and understanding of the three primary PRI courses helps us the most clinically to assist our patients, athletes and clients.

Appreciation of PRI objective tests and how they demonstrate PRI neutrality, need for clinical inhibition of muscle, frontal plane integration, and restoring the human gait pattern for a reciprocal and alternating pelvis were capitalized this past weekend. Most importantly, hitting home how the respiratory and pelvic diaphragm and synchronization of the left and the right side for integration of all the above to occur.

I truly appreciate all that attended and sacrificed a weekend away from family and friends to learn. It was a beautiful fall weekend, but we rocked it inside learning and developing our skills.

A shout out to Jon, Tim, and Nancy who brought treatment tables. Nancy Hammond my amazing lab assistant, your passion for PRI is inspiring. Again, thank you Mike for hosting your first PRI course. It was truly humbling to teach you all.

Lori Thomsen Pelvis Restoration St. Louis 2019 Postural Restoration Institute

Pelvis Restoration St. Louis 2019 Postural Restoration Institute

Posted October 17, 2019 at 6:15PM
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Jon Wannemuehler Posted October 18, 2019 at 10:33:06PM
Thank you Lori Thomsen for yet another fabulous PRI course. This was my 4th course and its all finally coming together. I am a licensed massage therapist and although I won't use the PRI approach on a daily basis it does give me a much better understanding on how the body and pelvis/femur/diaphragm all need to work harmoniously. PRI definitely gives me more tools to help my clients! Thank you again to you and all of the PRI staff! Jon A. Wannemuehler FluidMotionBodyWork Saint Louis Mo.


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