Weekend in Review

We started off the summer with a bang, hosting 4 PRI courses across the country this past weekend!

Seattle, WA - “I had a great time in Seattle teaching Pelvis Restoration this past weekend. I felt the connection and integration of the pelvic inlet with the respiratory and pelvic diaphragm was understood with PRI exercises with the importance of breathing in the correct position with these activities. I could sense “light bulb moments” occurring. There were quite a few individuals being exposed to PRI for the first time and to quote one of them….”PRI rocked my world this weekend.”  It was exciting that they understood the left and the right sides of the body are different and do something different during gait. It was also wonderful to see clinicians who are furthering their education in PRI and the clinical outcomes they are having with applying the science of PRI in their clinics. I want to thank Olympic PT for hosting me for a second time in Seattle. You guys are gracious hosts and I appreciate all that you do. Thanks again to the course attendees, your energy and passion to learn makes the weekend of teaching so worth it for me.” - Lori Thomsen

Round Rock, TX - “Austin Texas is a fantastic place to visit for live music, great food and now for a little PRI. Colleen at Scott & White Hospital in Round Rock was a great host for this weekend’s Myokinematic Restoration course and Steve Cuddy, MPT, PRC was an excellent lab assistant.  And thank you Regan for bringing such a large group from TMI Sports Medicine to help make sure your entire organization successfully incorporates PRI.  We all expanded our view of the diaphragm’s influence on left hip internal rotation and found better ways to know if hip rotation measurements actually represented properly positioned and properly controlled hip function during the gait cycle.  Where would we be without the combination of Ischiochondylar Adductor Magnus and the anterior fibers of the Gluteus Medius?” - James Anderson

Alexandria, LA - “Working with Oday Lavergne at Agilus Health in Alexandria, Louisiana was great!  We had a focused, private Myokinematic Restoration workshop comprised of their entire team of wonderful professionals. This group was “switched-on”!  I am confident that they will take PRI to great heights in the sportsman’s paradise of Louisiana.  If I were a free PRC therapist looking to move south I would be calling Oday today!” - Mike Cantrell

Richmond, VA - “I had a great time teaching Pelvis Restoration in Richmond, VA this past weekend. The professionals in the group had diverse backgrounds from PT’s, ATC’s, strength and conditioning specialists, Pilates instructors and a PT student. It is always exciting to see the fog lift from early discussion on Saturday with the new acronyms to Sundays treatment “Ah ha” moments.  It was great to have PRC therapist Karen Taylor Soiles, PT, PRC helping me. Her mentorship and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated!  I was able to have my daughter Madison help with demonstration on Sunday afternoon as well. I think she enjoyed watching her Mom teach and understand what really goes on on her “work-cations”. After the course, we drove back to Vermont for the summer!  Thanks to all of the course participants, your energy and passion to understand PRI is what drives me to become a better teacher!” - Jen Poulin

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