Postural Respiration - St. Louis, MO - Course in Review

It seems that over the years the courses that I’ve taught for the Postural Restoration Institute kind of run together. So many times I’ve almost forgotten in which city I’ve been! I know that Ron and James have had the same experience. We’ve chatted about it before. This past weekend I was in St. Louis and I taught Postural Respiration at Complete Fitness Results and Nancy Hammond PT, PRC & Lesley Callaham PT, PRC were my wonderful hosts and were unforgettable. They took good care of me and made sure the class went well. Nancy owns Integrate 360 and she and Lesley really have a great operation! Their skills are obvious and they have a true patient following. When I think about Postural Respiration I wish that I could take 3 days and teach it. The concepts are challenging in this class for sure. I see a lot of folks again and again when I teach it. I don’t blame them either. It took me forever to wrap my mind around the details! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at PRI because we really are here to help you. We WANT you to succeed! Nobody gets it all in one weekend and the application of the science to your patients can be challenging for sure. So reach out! Email us! Call us! Send a smoke signal. Let us help and good luck!

Posted September 25, 2018 at 8:15PM
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