Macon, GA was the host for Impingement and Instability - Course in Review

Mercer University in Macon Georgia played host to the Postural Restoration Institute as I was there to teach one of my favorite classes: Impingement and Instability. Macon is about 90 miles south of Atlanta and was the home to the Allman Brothers Band, Little Richard, Otis Redding and a ton of other incredible and famous musicians and bands. Macon is in the heart of Dixie and Mercer is a phenomenal University with an outstanding Athletic Training and sports medicine department. Amos Mansfield ATC is the head athletic trainer at Mercer and he was our host. Amos did a fantastic job and he continues to work on his PRT status because he has seen what he is capable of doing with PRI science. We had 22 professionals in class and the course went very well. Many of the gang are also pursuing PRC or PRT status. I&I is a super fun class that takes a really deep dive into the neuro-mechanics of postural discord. It is a class that is advanced and fun to negotiate as it seems to morph into a different iteration each time it is taught. Kenny Ishii flew over from Japan and provided some valuable insight as he wrapped his head around the I&I concepts in preparation to teach this class in Japan in the coming years. Jason Robey was also on hand in the class and I always appreciate his input. Incidentally, Jason just defended his doctoral thesis and it’s all about PRI! Further, Mercer University and Amos Mansfield created a setting that was tailor made for learning. I am a little prejudiced since I do some work at Mercer and I am very proud to be affiliated with them. I hope that those of you who haven’t taken Impingement and Instability will consider it in the future. The secondary courses at PRI are so very valuable at putting the pieces from the primary courses together in a meaningful way. That’s how one of the course attendees put it in their summary! I look forward to seeing you soon in the next class!!

Posted July 18, 2018 at 6:21PM
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