Postural Respiration - Boston, MA - Course in Review

Donna Behr PT, MS, DPT, PRC has done it again! She hosted Postural Respiration at a new location in Needham, Massachusetts and attendees from all walks and locales came to learn the wonderful science that is PRI! In a plush Yoga Studio we removed our shoes and started our walk! A walk into human mechanics as it is rarely explored. Along the way I had the gracious help of Anita Furbush PT, PRC as a lab assistant. Mike DeMille DPT, PRC and Eric Menchi CSCS, PRT pitched-in as well to offer a hand in the labs too! So many are mystified when I mention to them that Ribcage and Diaphragmatic dysfunction is a root cause of many orthopedic diagnoses. But following a Postural Respiration class they all agree that it is not only possible but the most likely reason for multiple orthopedic diagnoses! I invite you all to attend this fascinating class and explore the world of human asymmetry as it has never been explored before. PRI Nation is sweeping the nation!

Posted March 27, 2018 at 2:02PM
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