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Postural Restoration Certified physical therapist, John Macy, was recently featured in the Omaha World Herald for his work with Omaha Symphony musicians. His approach to movement re-education is strongly influenced by the Alexander Technique, which he has taught since 1983. John has presented numerous workshops to both movement professionals and the public on movement re-education both in the US and Europe and was a co- founder of Alexander Technique International, an international organization for the advancement of the Alexander Technique. He currently is a partner in Alexander Technique of OmahaThe Workout Inc. in Omaha, Nebraska is where John practices now, providing services in a Physical Therapy clinic and full service pilates studio that is also a PRI Certified Center. The services provided at the Workout Inc. are based on a philosophy that pain free, efficient and expressive movement can be achieved by anyone.

To read the article printed in the Omaha World Herald, click here

Posted December 6, 2009 at 5:09PM


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