Comment from Course

Comment from Course

We received this comment following the Impingement & Instability course in Bismarck, North Dakota:

“Just a quick e-mail to thank Ron and all of you for putting on a great course this weekend in Bismarck.  I know you probably hear it a lot but it can never be said enough that you guys do great work.  With every course I attend and with every bit of information I can absorb from Ron and PRI concepts I feel like a better therapist to be more empowered to help my patients.  The I&I course was a great way to put together a lot of conceptual ideas into specific practice activities and I am excited to take them to the clinic.  I will be reviewing my notes and probably coming up with some questions so I may be in touch, but now I have a few more tools to help in the clinic.  Thanks again and please pass on my appreciation to Ron for making the trip to ND so soon after coming back form Poland.”

It’s always so nice to hear comments like this one!  Thank You!

Posted September 28, 2009 at 4:07PM
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