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We received another great question following yesterdays post on “PRI and Patients with HNP”:

I recently attended a Gary Gray course and am trying to evaluate prinicples that are similar and some differences.  Can you help on the main differences in philosophy between PRI and Gary Gray?

According to Gary Grey’s website, he “creates and manages biomechanically designed environments for prevention, training and rehabilitation based on functional testing profiles and symptoms, in order to facilitate the transformation and expansion of functional thresholds”. 

Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) addresses specific functional limitations relating to the human’s characteristic patterns of polyarticular function secondary to the ANS, vestibular, respiratory, visceral and musculoskeletal evidence-based asymmetry.  Our courses outline specific functional tests and manual and non-manual techniques that help regulate these patterns so that dysfunctional, compensatory or obligatory, function influencing the sphenoid, sternum and sacrum stability can be reduced and relative reciprocal function can be restored.  Please go to our website and click on “About” and click on ‘The Science’, ‘History’, ‘What is Posture’, ‘Recognizing Asymmetry’, and ‘Treatment’ to learn more.

Posted November 10, 2009 at 4:28PM


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