Impingement and Instability - Burlington, VT - Course in Review

Impingement and Instability- Great visit to Northwest Vermont to teach Impingement and Instability at the University of Vermont, or UVM, meaning the latin Universitas Veridis Montis (University of the Green Mountains). If you've been to Burlington Vermont, you know why they chose to call it the "University of the Green Mountains", because they are spectacular. I'm from Utah and quite familiar with mountains, but these beautiful Green Mountains rolling into the shoreline of Lake Champlain are something to see. I always enjoy visiting Vermont and this trip was no exception. It was also a neat opportunity to catch up with my nephew Josh, who is currently an engineering student at UVM. I can see why he chose to go to college here and be a Catamount.

Thank you to the Athletic Training staff for hosting and helping to get everything coordinated and set up, especially point man, Matt Bain. Michele Bliss, Lisa Hardy, Neal Sand and Emily Snyder, you were all great as well and made me feel like a welcome guest in your department. I can appreciate the cultural mantra "Catamounts All In" after spending a couple of days with you guys. Loved it. And thank you to Kathy Metzger, Cory Healy and Oliver Hall, three certified PRI Professionals who really did a great job helping the group elevate their understanding of these advanced concepts. The class was better because you three were with us. And Olly, I loved what you took the time to do on the second day, together with Ali Spencer, in helping the group to understand the mechanics of alpine skiing and especially the mechanics of the Giant Slalom high speed turns. Your willingness to share helped us all bring some things together that we may have otherwise missed. As it turns out, just about every athletic performance function can be tied back to the mechanics of gait and postural patterns. Fun stuff. I look forward to future collaborations on the topic and furthering my own understanding of alpine skiing. Thank you Olly and Ali for your contribution.

As far as the class was concerned, we had a great time moving into the realm of PRI advanced assessment and treatment in an effort to expand on the information presented in the introductory courses. During the first day, we had a powerful discussion of how frontal plane dysfunction contributes to lateralization and early stance vs late stance bias during the gait cycle. We discussed the contributing factors behind human lateralization and ways that we could intervene to influence the situation to reverse the tendencies during performance. We discussed neurological reference centers as it related to the gait cycle and of course applied the mechanics of breathing to all of this. We took a good look at calcaneal instability, femoral instability, ilial instability and scapular instability with a gait, frontal plane and reference center perspective.

Lastly, I wanted to thank Matt Bain and Eliana Leddy for sharing your insights on hockey skating and figure skating, respectively. I loved how the two of you took the things I was explaining as it related to right vs left sided gait performance and applied what you knew and personally experienced as ice skate athletes. It was a helpful application of the material that made the experience better for all of us. I'm excited to collaborate further with you Matt to put some of our thoughts down on paper as it relates to the hockey athlete. Thanks for your willingness to learn together with me. And thank you to everybody. Great weekend. Great class.

Posted June 12, 2017 at 9:54PM


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