Impingement and Instability- NSW Australia - Course in Review

After a week of respite in Sydney and the Hunter Valley wine country, I was able to start the Impingement & Instability class that began on Saturday the 3rd of June.  Our location was Full Spectrum Health Solutions.  Full Spectrum was founded by Anthony Karsay an exercise physiologist and rehabilitation specialist. Anthony was the absolute best guy and was a wonderful host to us all.  The coordinator of the course was Jason Thomson and Jason is my true friend.  This man is a clinician and a healer who has an excellent grasp of PRI concepts.  He has a following of clients who adore him and truly rely on his expertise.  Jason, I cannot thank you enough for taking care of Ilene and me during our stay and for making us feel at home and like family when we are SO far from our own families.  The class was full of excellent clinicians from all over Australia and the south Pacific including Rosalba Courtney who recently wrote a commentary to one of the research articles we at PRI like to reference (more on that later!), David Lee, an osteopath from Singapore traveled 8 hours by plane to get to Sydney for the course and wants to host one as well!   Others like Aaron Doyle from Perth will soon achieve PRC status.  Craig Ambler is planning on testing this year and he will make an excellent addition to the ranks for sure.  I&I is a complex secondary level class that challenges the mind and opens the door to the frontal plane and cutting edge thought in a way no other course does.  If you were wondering if you should register then wonder no more. It is the doorway to streamlined patient and athlete management and will really excite and challenge your thoughts on PRI.  I hope to see you soon in this course!  Thank you again Australia!!!!

Posted June 5, 2017 at 4:45PM


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