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Employment opportunity:

Physical Therapist Greater Burlington VT Area

Company:  Transitions Physical Therapy LLC is a Certified Postural Restoration Center providing specialized neuromechanical outpatient PT, to a diverse population, in 2 locations.

Mission: “To change your expectations about physical therapy by achieving better outcomes through conversations, the exchange of knowledge, delivery of neuromechanical therapy, and the building of relationships within a specialist PT practice.”

Our company is growing and seeking qualified therapists who are interested in immersing themselves in a highly educational, staff development oriented, PT specialist setting.  To join our team, a successful candidate will possess strong clinical reasoning skills with a background or interest in Postural Restoration.  Our unique value proposition for a successful candidate is a career development model consisting of clinical education and a professional development track culminating in specialist certification and opportunity for clinic directorship/ownership in 5-8 years. 

Job Description:  Staff PT: A successful candidate will be able to manage a case load of diverse patients including athletes, performing artist, and orthopedic patients from adolescents to the elderly. On a day-to-day basis, you will be expected to maintain daily electronic medical records, communicate with referral sources, establish the value of physical therapy with your patients, and be an active part of an engaged, fun, caring environment.

Requirements and Qualifications: You will be a Vermont licensed physical therapist or eligible to obtain a Vermont license.  You will have demonstrated strong skills in time management, organization skills, and interpersonal skills. You will exhibit lifelong learning characteristics, be motivated to further our profession, and enjoy working with patients.


Direct Compensation: Base salary (commensurate with experience and credentials).

In-Direct Compensation: Incentives, quarterly profit sharing, bonuses, HSA contribution, IRA match.

Perks: Charitable contributions, memberships, entry fees, clinical education, flexible schedule.

Insurance: 50% of company plan.

If you are a successful candidate and accept a position with us, your professional development will consist of:

Clinical Development: Upon successful candidacy, you will be supported on a clinical excellence track that is aimed at attaining a PT specialization in 5 years, with special emphasis placed on Postural Restoration Certification (PRC). In addition, we encourage staff physical therapist to explore SCS, OCS, Pelvic Health, or Performing Arts PT.

Career/Business Development: Upon successful completion of a specialization, you will have the opportunity to choose a Directorship Track which entails managerial development and training. Upon successful completion of the Directorship program, you will be eligible to become a Director/Owner at a clinic.

How To Apply: 

Please contact Sean Fitzgerald by e-mail at: to receive an application.

Posted May 17, 2017 at 9:50PM


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