PRI Integration for the Home - Lincoln, NE - Course in Review

Enjoyed a great weekend traveling to Lincoln to teach the PRI Integration for the Home course at PRI Headquarters. Thank you Michelle Spicka, DPT from Husker Rehab for being such an advocate to bring the Home course back to Lincoln this year. Your persistence helped make it happen and the experience was a good one for everyone in attendance.

We spent a lot of time discussing the influences behind Lateralization in the Left AIC/Right BC Pattern. We also talked about movement variability in terms of being in a car that has the unimpaired ability to move forward, move back, change lanes right, change lanes left, turn right and turn left. We then discussed how these patterned lateralized influences can combine to cause the car attempting to make a right hand turn at an intersection to wander over into the right turning lane and not stay in the left lane during the turn as required by frontal plane law.

The group was really excited about the new ways to assess breathing and gait for a geriatric or chronic pain client. The Sidelying Horizontal Shoulder Abduction test, the Seated Gait Integration test, the Seated Gait Integration in the recliner test and the Seated Eversion with Hip Abduction tests were all well received. And all the restorative techniques for the bed, for the recliner, for the chair and for the standing position were refreshing options for populations that have needed their own exercises for a long time.

Thank you everyone for your passion and high interest in discovering functional solutions to not only geriatric and chronic pain cases, but to just about every other type of client who could benefit from this type of care. It was lots of fun.

Posted May 9, 2017 at 7:08PM


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