Pelvis Restoration - Des Moines, IA - Course in Review

Thank you Joey from Engineered Per4mance for hosting Pelvis Restoration in Iowa. We had 10 clinicians attending their FIRST PRI course. We had 5 P.T. students and 1 dental student in addition to physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, and a chiropractor. What an amazing group of individuals learning this past weekend. Trisha had an appropriate car decal on her truck “Pelvic Sorcery.” Of course we weren’t performing “black magic” on the pelvis, but we were applying the science and concepts of PRI to the complexities of the pelvic inlet and outlet. We need a pelvic diaphragm that can achieve a “zone of opposition” just like the respiratory diaphragm in left stance for correct forward propulsion in gait. If not, our patients will utilize the pelvic diaphragm as a postural stabilizer just like the respiratory diaphragm. Chew on that and realize the importance of opposition of the pelvic diaphragm by pelvic outlet abduction via the left obturator internus and illiococcygeus and the pelvic inlet adduction via the left iliacus. This pelvis frontal plane control allows our necks and ankles to wobble and trunks to rotate.

Posted March 6, 2017 at 9:25PM


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