Impingement and Instability - Loveland, CO - Course in Review

Last weekend I got to spend some time in Colorado teaching Impingement and Instability. Once again, Rebound Sports and Physical Therapy hosted PRI. These guys continue to be a beacon in Colorado, leading the way with this cutting edge science. Julie Vuxinic-Martin MSPT was the consummate host and she made us all feel right at home. My buddies Michael Locasto CSCS and Chris Schepel ATC from the Arizona Diamondbacks were on hand and represented well. There were several PRC's on hand as well: Craig Depperschmidt DPT, PRC, Joy Backstrum PT, PRC, Moon Hemeyer DPT, PRC and Lisa Kelly PT, PRC. Thanks for coming and thanks for your kind words. Lisa, thanks for the lift! This class, for those who haven't taken it, is a very different PRI exploration. We move forward beyond the standard algorithms noted in the basic courses and we explore concept-driven treatment plans that provide concrete ways to treat that next layer of difficult patients. Think management of "planes of movement" and "neurological reference centers". Everyone seems to be really glad they took the course after the two days is completed. It's a great advanced course that gives you a chance for real interaction and great back and forth dialogue and we had a blast! On a side note: Rebound in Loveland is where I taught my first Myokin solo class 11 years ago! It was so nice to return.

Posted March 3, 2017 at 3:37PM


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