Coppell, TX - Impingement and Instability - Course in Review

Had a great weekend with the awesome team at Go Sports Therapy in Dallas/Fort Worth teaching Impingement & Instability to a high level group. The class included 5 PRI Credentialed professionals, with 2 of the 5 coming from the Go Sports Therapy team in Amy Goddard and Stephanie Irizarry. The other 3 were Texas standouts Jennifer Bullock, James Guzman and my fellow faculty member Sayuri Abe-Hiraishi. This doesn't even include all the great certified professionals down in and around Austin. Wow, when did Texas become so strong with PRI integration and application? Too cool. Secondary level courses always provide the opportunity to take the science of PRI to another level. And this group was ready. They were anxious to break the gait cycle into more detailed elements as they expanded their view of the all powerful frontal plane. They welcomed the neurological discussion associated with PRI Reference Centers and learned that right dominant breathing, patterned polyarticular muscle chains and an inability to perceive the left hemisphere and the left ground lead to a powerful PRI phenomena called Lateralization. This concept was discussed in context with calcaneal instability, patellar instability, Ilial instability and scapular instability. The demos were awesome, mostly because of the willing participation of guys like "K2" Kanno and "Q" Tran. You guys were great. Also thanks to Joe Vomvas, who traveled all the way from Toronto, to John Glenn from Ohio, to Eric Bunge from South Carolina, and Lyle Danley from Arizona. Thank you for traveling so far to be with us. And also thanks to my friend Jimmy Southard in the Mariners organization, for putting out another great protégé in Lyle Danley. You're a great mentor Jimmy.

Posted February 2, 2017 at 5:10PM


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