Cervical Revolution - Seattle, WA - Course in Review

On January 28-29 I was in Seattle, Washington to teach Cervical Revolution. We had multiple disciplines represented including four very fine dentists: Owen Mandanas DDS, Jason Pehling DDS, Steve Wan DDS and Kent Moberly DDS. I want to take a minute and thank my lab assistants Erin Rajca DPT, PRC and Betsy Baker-Bold PT, OCS, CMPT, PRC. Betsy took the point on host site coordination and made the whole experience easy for me! The group over all was full of experienced clinicians with multiple PRI courses under their collective belts and I was honored and humbled to have had the opportunity to be there as a speaker for these seasoned clinicians. If you haven't taken Cervical Revolution yet, please don't put it off! Get registered. This class really helped me put things together for my patients and it answers a lot of questions. Consider Impingement and Instability as another great course that will help you in your quest. If you are intimidated by the course then I would want you to know that, thanks to Ron Hruska, much of the confusion has been sorted out and many are telling me nowadays that it is very understandable! So get registered and I hope I get to see you in the class very soon!!!

Posted February 1, 2017 at 4:50PM


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