Postural Respiration - Philadelphia, PA - Course in Review

Mike and the crew at the West Chester location of Premier Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine were great hosts and really took a liking to the Postural Respiration course material. Most of the class were present when they hosted Myokinematic Restoration 1 year earlier with Jennifer Poulin and they felt this course really helped bring the 2 courses together. It was so great to team teach this course with Louise Kelly and see the group come alive as their understanding of both courses was brought together. Its not as common to be able to team up with another one of our faculty, like Louise and I were able to do, but its definitely a treat for both of us and for the course attendees, because we all are able to learn so much from each other.

I was the primary presenter for the first half of the first day, introducing concepts associated with thoracoabdominal pathomechanics and outlining the framework for the course. Louise took the lead during the second half of the first day as we transitioned into the L AIC pattern and both non-manual and manual techniques for treating this pattern. She also was the primary presenter for the first half of the second day, moving into the R BC and Superior T4 Syndrome issues. She did a fantastic job going over rib mechanics, compensatory breathing patterns and methods to treat both of these conditions. The manual techniques were especially helpful to this group and they came to appreciate the different manual approaches they needed to take for different types of compensatory thoracic patterns. We had a lot of fun in the lab for the manual rib techniques and it was great to have someone as experienced and helpful as Louise to help it all go so well.

While in the Philadelphia area, I had the opportunity to take in some of the sights and sounds this great city has to offer. I went to the Rodin Sculpture Museum and also to the Barnes Foundation Museum of Art on Benjamin Franklin Parkway. It was just the tip of the iceberg of Philadelphia museums, but its all I had time for. Next time I want to go to the Philadelphia Art Museum and run up the stairs to the front door, just like Rocky Balboa. I've been to the statue of Balboa out in front of the museum, but I've never taken the time to go inside and enjoy the art. Too many museums, not enough time. Philadelphia is definitely one of my favorite cities, when it comes to art and culture.

Posted November 14, 2016 at 5:14PM


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