Postural Respiration - Anchorage, AK - Course in Review

Hosts Joy Backstrum PT, PRC and Katie Piraino, PT made this weekend a most rewarding one to teach Postural Respiration. There was a lively discussion throughout the weekend with intelligent questions always on point supported with a curious attitude to understand the concepts and application of PRI principles. In addition to numerous P.T.'s there was an ATC, two CSCS strength professionals, a cranial/sacral therapist, one dentist and an optometrist! The dentist is most interested in sleep apnea, airway management and how PRI principles can be applied to her holistic approach to dentistry. Several attendees had been PRI patients and were hungry to learn more and share their personal experience of PRI with their patients. For several students this was their third primary course that connected the pelvis with the thorax and connecting the dots that femurs need to adduct and a thorax needs to flex with ribs that can internally rotate for reciprocal and alternating function. The topic of "separation" of a pelvis and thorax was explored as well as a discussion that not only to feet often need an orthotic, but the optometrist and dentist appreciated that eyes and a TMJ or the teeth need an orthotic as well. It was such an addition to have these two professionals and their enthusiasm. Thank you to The Physical Therapy Place for being such a great host site!

Posted November 10, 2016 at 2:23PM


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