Cervical Revolution at IFAST!

Having Bill Hartman, Mike Robertson and Eric Oetter sit in the first row of any course I instruct is not only an honor, but it's like drinking coffee all day. They change, drive and motivate me to give the best course I can, only because their genuine interest in deepening concepts, therapy philosophies, and neuro-mechanical relationships organized. I always feel welcomed and appreciated. According to Jen Platt they have hosted at least six of our courses and they treat every faculty member and course attendee as one of their “family” members. The diversity of the attendees always reflects the culture of the class and this weekend was so rewarding for me personally because of the questions, interest and diverse reasoning for PRI application. Thank you IFAST, again, for a divergent weekend with course attendees that heard a discussion about a cervical complex that has finite limits.

Posted August 31, 2016 at 7:39PM


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