Myokinematic Restoration hosted by Pure Performance Training - Course in Review

Well Needham got Ham. I just enjoyed a weekend with a stratified group including Occupational Therapists, Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Student Physical Therapists and Strength Coaches all united as movement scientists. We spent time discussing diagnoses that reflect polyarticular chained movement patterns particular to asymmetrical acetabulofemoral joints and how they pertain to performance of athletes of all kinds. We had a thorough discussion of compensatory patterns and pathological tendencies associated with a left AIC patterned individual and developed treatment strategies to amend movement dysfunction findings from objective testing. Thank you @DanTorgersen and your team at Pure Performance Training for the use of your facility and all the accommodations therein--and Dan for your modeling skills. Thank you Tyler Tanaka for teaching us the inhibition strategy of "New Puppy Neutral", thanks Fotios Pantazis for the excellent dialogue throughout the course regarding specific intervention. Samantha Russell again wins the dedicated student award for her long trip from AK, this time even further than Dallas! Stacey Lillios, Emily Mandara, Laura Lapolla and Brandon Mcconaughey-Freeman helped the class by asking a nice variety clinically relevant questions; thanks @JasonDBryne for showing up to DO WORK in the arena of myokinematics and keeping the discussion humorous. Though @JoshO_PRC was not present, there was amazing hair represented by @MUSCLE5Marinara, Pure Performance's own Michale Campanella. And, while also not present, thanks @mjmatc Michael Mullin who has helped further interest in PRI in the greater Northeast as much as anyone. Thanks Ian Funk for thoughtful contribution on PR principles and for having a sweet last name. Thanks Callie Effland, Lucia Sloan and Ricky Sirois for aiding learning by volunteering for lab demonstration. Lastly, thanks to the Needham hub who served as lab assistant, Donna Behr from Donna Behr Physical Therapy who is a good friend, great host and will soon be the featured interview here on the PRI website! Thoroughly enjoyed my time with some wicked smart movement scientists in the northeast!

Posted August 30, 2016 at 7:00PM


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