PRI Integration for the Home Salem, OR - Course in Review

This past weekend confirmed once again that "PRI Integration for the Home" is ONE OF OUR BEST KEPT SECRETS! This was the first time we presented all of our new updated exercise techniques and let me just say they were very well received. The seated and standing techniques for securing a three dimentional Zone of Apposition were an awesome segway into the frontal plane abdominal wall techniques that secured the lower thorax so the upper thorax could counter rotate properly in both directions for dynamic gait and balanced ADL function. The left Serratus Anterior was employed together with the left Internal Oblique and Transverse Abdominus to realign the left half of the diaphragm so the patients could move freely in all three planes. The standing resisted hamstring techniques and the standing resisted adductor techniques were powerful exercises that literally all class attendees were able to feel working in the lab, which isn't always true. They were a very integrated compliment to the seated and recliner training techniques that help begin training these early stance gait muscles. Eyes lit up as attendees realized that they could have success with gait and balance integration in standing with even the most frail geriatric patients using these techniques. One of the star attendees in the class, Mellet Romero, PT, CLT sent me some follow up thoughts on the course and also some super cool photos of an 87 year old superstar named Barbara and a beautiful 96 year old named Vera that I just had to share. Ladies, I would have never known your ages, because you both look so much younger than your age would suggest. I just hope I could ever look as beautiful and happy as you ladies look when I'm your age! Your pictures put such a smile on my face I had to share them.

"The course this past weekend was “Frontal Plane City!” We learned the role of the Frontal Plane as the bridge between Sagittal and Transverse plane in order to successfully perform Tri-planar activities. It is amazing to imagine that all daily activities such brushing your teeth, cooking or gardening require cohesion of three planes of motion in which PRI breathing is the anchor. This PRI affiliate course does not require attendees to have the 3 core courses, yet the quality of the content is hearty. I have attended about 7 courses class since 2011, yet this is the best James has explained the important role of frontal plane control on full body function for the geriatric population. This includes performance of the calcaneus for ground feedback /control, especially when the patient gets up to walk or reach. This new and improved manual is a treasure-trove full of practical PRI integrated exercises designed to be done in the home setting. For us therapists working with geriatric populations, we view our patients as athletes working on performance, but their focus is on daily living activities and improving quality of life. Thank you James for such a great course!" Mellet Romero, PT, CLT

Posted August 25, 2016 at 7:57PM


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