Postural Respiration hosted by Finish Line Physical Therapy Course in Review

I have the pleasure of teaching Postural Respiration at Finish Line Physical Therapy in New York City on August 13-14. I love NYC for many reasons….but no one is more hospitable than the people at Finish Line. Michael Conlon is the epitome of the word “host”. The material that I presented was the same presentation that I wrote and gave in 1995, before the Postural Restoration Institute was created. It was material based off my study of the cranium, neck and respiration. Its origional1998 PRI course name was Postural Restoration, however I renamed it Postural Respiration in 2004 because of the strong connection of respiratory influence on postural restoration. Not only do I love NYC, but I love teaching this course anywhere, especially when there are “new” PRI course attendees in the classroom. There were 23 “new” course attendees present! Explaining how “over rotation” of a set of ribs can resist movement on a transverse or frontal plane is about as wonderful as hugging my four year old grandson who lives a few blocks down from Finish Line! Thanks for bringing me to NYC…again. Oh, by the way, Dan Cerone, thank you for your feedback after the course. Not only will you “remember it forever” I will remember you as long as I have a memory.  

Posted August 23, 2016 at 2:12PM


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