PRI Integration for Fitness and Movement Course in Review

Recently, I got to teach the PRI Fitness & Movement course to a private group of attendees. Each time I get to speak and share this information I get jazzed up.  It is exciting to hear feedback after the course! The course is very applicable and is a good course to help tie concepts of PRI together and it teaches principles to apply easily in various settings. After the course, some of the attendees comments were  "I really enjoyed the course, and it was was great information which needs to be shared with professionals working in athletic performance", "very applicable course which helped me understand how to apply PRI principles in my settings more than any other course",  "loved the discussion around breathing and gait", "totally enhanced my perspective of pillar strength and incorporating more core work into my programming". My favorite comment actually was a text message I received the next day from an attendee that said "my obliques and glutes are so sore!" - I think those are pretty good muscles to know you worked in a weekend of continuing education!
All and all, it is wonderful to help PRI nation grow and help people connect with the science better.  I felt especially good walking away from this course because this group was full of very high-level thinkers and I know they have taken A LOT of other courses! Though it was a smaller group, each attendee seemed very engaged with the material presented!
This course continues to evolve and truly gets better each time I teach it. We were able to discuss various breathing patterns and tie in important gait muscles into various upright fitness movements and continue to emphasize three dimensional training principles. 

Only 3 courses left for 2016!! Early registration for the August course at EXOS will end soon and there are some seats left! Register under Affliate Courses

Also we are looking for host sites for 2017 so let us know if you are interested! Next year we should be able to start teaching internationally! #prination #needtogetapassport 😊

Posted June 29, 2016 at 1:57PM
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