North Carolina State hosted Postural Respiration with James Anderson

Ryan Holleman and the staff at NC State outdid themselves once again, hosting a course that became more of an event than a course because of the high quality of everything they did all weekend. We had plenty of space on the very open and very comfortable Club Level of the beautiful Carter-Finlay Stadium, home of Wolfpack Football. There were over 60 attendees in the course, but it only seemed like about 25 because everything was so nice and because the course attendees were so great. Thank you Ryan, Murph and all the rest of the NC State folks for being such great hosts and for making such a supportive and professional #statement.

Since we all had such an awesome view of the 60,000 seats in Carter-Finlay Stadium, we started the day talking about the influence of the roughly 20,000 diaphragm contractions we experience per day. These persistent and consistent breaths directly affect the posturing of our core axial frame in three planes and also the size and shape of the pelvic cavity, the abdominal cavity, the cranial cavity and especially the thoracic cavity. It may have even been a segway into one of my favorite jokes about The Police's well known ballad, "Every Breath You Take". You know me, anything to make a memorial point and get a laugh from the crowd.

A big thank you to Kentaro Ishii, MS, ATC/L, PES, CES, PRT for the opportunity to collaborate with you as as you work to translate the course content into Japanese and as we both work together to become better instructors. It is my pleasure to be your mentor and I want to thank you for spending part of your 31st birthday with us before heading back to Kansas City to be with your family. I've known you personally for nearly 9 years now and I must say its an honor to have you as a good friend, a protege and a peer. Thank you for representing PRI so well as we expand our reach and our presence in your home country Japan. Also, thank you to Lisa Mangino, Jennifer Smart, Josh Olinick for your help as lab assistants. I appreciated all the help. North Carolina is one of the areas of the country where PRI has had a strong influence for a long time. In fact, there are rehab professionals in the Raleigh/Durham area who have been a part of this institute nearly since its inception. I think I counted 13 people who have had over 10 courses, many of whom are now certified in PRI as either a PRC or a PRT. It was a great experience presenting this institute's flagship course, Postural Respiration, to such an experienced and PRI savvy group. And I'm especially grateful that so many of them reported that this course gets better and better each time they take it. I hope thats true, because I know I loved getting into all the neurology, the breathing and thorax mechanics and the treatment interventions with such a great group. Thanks North Carolina, I can't wait for our next chance to get together.

Posted June 16, 2016 at 4:45PM


William Henderly Posted June 28, 2016 at 5:56:03PM
This was a great course. I had a base knowledge in PRI prior to this course from working during multiple of my clinical rotations during PT school with PRI therapists, but this course expanded on that base and really helped me gain a new level of comfort using the PRI techniques and applying it clinically. I will definitely be looking for more courses to attend in the future.


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