University of Nebraska - Kearney hosted Jesse Ham for Pelvis Restoration

Last weekend I was welcomed in to the Herbert L. Cushing Coliseum by Scott Unruh and Kathy Denning at the Athletic Training Lab. I enjoyed learning about the history and future of athletic education in at UNK as well as working with an enthusiastic group of learners engaged in the science of Pelvis Restoration.

We had an engaged discussion regarding pelvis inhibition as it relates to integration of lower extremities as it relates to a thoracic cage and discussed some key principles of speeding a pelvis treatment paradigm with the consistent use of PRI objective testing. It was my pleasure to meet Stuart Nichols, ATC, a long time friend of our science and helpful agent during the class--we all felt safer with our friendly bouncer on hand! Scott Woodward, PT, ATC and Julie Woodward, PT (day one favorite shirt) along with Jena Christo, PTA and 'young Michelle' Brabec, PTA were among the motivated learners first introduced to the science of PRI last weekend.

Thoughtful questions and spirited involvement was prominent throughout the course. Thank you 'experienced Michelle' Spicka, DPT for your contributions and clinically relevant information about the populations you see. Gail McCorkindale, PT, DPT, ATC and Aaron Wenburg DPT, SCS, CSCS were front row clinicians who brought their A-game to the Pelvis Restoration plate this weekend. Great appreciation for Michael Short, DPT from Ortho Advantage in Dayton, OH for making the trek to Nebraska after learning about PRI in search of treatment techniques on the mystical intertron! Great to meet you and enjoyed your sense of humor throughout the course. Christopher Steege, PT was a champion of attention to detail of each quadrant of facilitation and a fine trivia aficionado in addition! Jed Mazion, SPT, CSCS and Rob Lynde, DPT provided important feedback with integrated thought and kept the speaker on his toes!

Thank you "lights out Wendy" Rickard, DPT for your help and again Scott "inverse truth" Unruh and Kathy Denning for being such gracious hosts! Pelvis Restoration at UNK with this crew was a blast--hope to see each of you down the line!

Quick shout out to the Holiday Inn on 2nd Avenue--fastest indoor waterslide I've been down!

Posted June 16, 2016 at 4:00PM


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