Northeastern University hosted Mike Cantrell for Postural Respiration

I returned to Boston to Northeastern University to teach Postural Respiration. Nearly 60 professionals present including PT's, ATC's, chiropractors and strength and conditioning specialists learned about the amazing role of the diaphragm. Katie Delude ATC was very helpful in getting the course put together and was a superb host. I was assisted in lab by Michael Mullin ATC, PTA, PRC, Donna Behr PT, MS, DPT, PRC and Louise Kelly DPT, PRC. The group was engaged and very interactive and I was treated to thoughtful questions from folks who were truly interested in understanding how to develop programs to help manage the brachial chain and compensatory patterns like the Superior T-4 syndrome. Thank you to all at Northeastern for your kindness and welcoming attitudes!

Posted June 13, 2016 at 7:22PM


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