Mike taught Cervical Revolution for the first time! Bethesda, MD. Course in review.

Last weekend I taught Cervical Revolution for the first time.  I was fortunate to have taught it at Point Performance in Bethesda, Maryland with Haim Hechtman DPT as the host.  Haim is a good man with a good heart who rolled out the red carpet with his staff of PT’s.  We had 4 dentists in the room who all said that the class was informative and enlightening and that the material was certain to affect their method of practice.  Multiple PRC’s in the class also said that they gleaned some good information and actually looked forward to application of new techniques in their individual practices.  I received feedback from many that they needed more information on delivery of techniques and I will assure you all that as I continue to refine my delivery of the course that ensuing classes will benefit from your feedback.  I cannot thank you all enough for making me feel welcome and I look forward to future Cervical Revolution classes! 

Posted May 27, 2016 at 3:47PM
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