Cirque Du Soleil hosted James Anderson. Impingement and Instability Course in Review.

Stephanie Huntsman and the good folks at The Cirque Du Soleil outdid themselves this time around hosting a great weekend of Impingement and Instability. It's always great to return to my hometown Las Vegas, and this weekend did not disappoint. In large part due to Stephanie's kind hospitality in arranging great seats for Karen and I to see two great Cirque shows. We absolutely loved The Beatle’s musical and visual experience "Love" at the Mirage and could not believe how amazing "KA" was at the MGM Grand. Incredible stuff! Performers and acrobats as talented and athletic as anything I’ve seen.

And this course had quite the international flare as well. Luke Worthington, CSCS traveled all the way from London, England. Kan Sugiyama, ATC, CSCS traveled all the way from Tokyo, Japan. Takuto Kondo, ATC, CSCS, DNSET, PRT traveled all the way from rural Japan. And Jacqueline Walt, PT traveled all the way from Toronto, Ontario Canada. Its awesome to see such a developing interest in the science of PRI in so many places, both national and international. Lucy and David, thanks for joining us again from Gym Laird Strength and Conditioning in Lexington. Donna, thanks for coming down from the Great Falls Clinic to represent the great state of Montana. Clete Sigwart, ATC, thanks for your strong interest and for representing the Cincinnati Reds so well. And Mike Zhao, thanks for bringing all those great biomechanical questions all the way from New York City. You guys were all great.

Impingement and Instability allows us to discuss the various areas of the body that can become unstable and fall into both predictable and unpredictable patterns of compensation. We had a great discussion and also demonstration of calcaneal posture and patterns of neurological reference through the foot. This foundational discussion provided a basis for the femoral instability discussion, the ilial instability discussion and even the scapular instability discussion. Thank you to my old friend Nick Valencia, PT from Foothills Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy in Gilbert Arizona (aka Nick Cage) for helping me get both sides of the rib cage internally rotating like it should. This rib activity allows a well positioned and mobile Zone of Apposition and really helps to stabilize the central pillar of core strength for all types of movement. Its so great to see all the good that results when ribs rotate like they should. Nick Cage helped us all learn what rib cage mobility can do to direct proper movement sequence, proper patterns of airflow and the use of neurological reference centers in all parts of the body. Awesome stuff.

Posted May 20, 2016 at 2:38PM
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