Back in Canada! Impingement & Instability Course in Review from Montreal

I had a great weekend in Quebec with the professionals at CoreXcellence in beautiful Montreal. I was given first class treatment by our host, Don White, and the rest of the CoreXcellence team, Vito DiCosola, Oz Beneli, Rich Thaw, Chris Latham, Iordan Krouchev, Leah Mamane, Jeff Saibil and Dr. Ora Loeub, B.Sc., D.O., DSc.O.,CAT(c). You guys were fantastic and are a very forward thinking group that are doing wonderful things with the science of PRI. Thank you for helping me clarify the differences between a Canadian Certified Athletic Therapist and a US Certified Athletic Trainer. Thanks again for all of your support and for being such a great host site for PRI training in Eastern Canada.

Impingement and Instability allows us to discuss the study of sensation and the human sense organs. We outline stabilization centers or neurological reference centers as key elements to organize and control movement. We outlined 2 or 3 key restrictions or limitations to normal right vs left patterns of human movement that PRI evaluates very closely: 1) unexhaled air maintained in one side of the thorax, 2) hypertonic polyarticular muscle chains on one side of the body and 3) poor neurological perception of our body’s right side vs left side position via compensatory reference centers. If you can’t remove the unexhaled air, inhibit the overactive muscle chain and sense your body’s position in space relative to the ground on both sides then your movement patterns are likely to be compensatory.

We had a great discussion and also demonstration of calcaneal posture and patterns of neurological reference through the foot. This foundational discussion provided a basis for the femoral instability discussion, the ilial instability discussion and even the scapular instability discussion. Thank you to our willing volunteers for showing us your non-summertime legs to demonstrate femoral vs tibial rotational alignment. And thank you to the entire class for being willing to walk through the right train station to left train station feed forward gait exercise. Also appreciate the volunteers who allowed us to demonstrate the value of full rib internal rotation on both sides of the thorax and the role that rib rotation plays in muscle inhibition. You were great sports and your participation helped us all learn together the value of proper movement sequence, patterns of airflow and the use of neurological reference centers.

Posted May 6, 2016 at 3:02PM


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