Power of Squatting

If you attended day four of our Interdisciplinary Integration course, you learned about Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and the positive effects squatting can have on treatment of this condition.  Following the course, one of the attendees sent us this email that confirmed PRI’s position on the power of squatting…

I wanted to share something else with you all, especially Lori and Ron.  Lori highlighted the importance of squatting and it’s impact on constipation.  My 3 year old, has struggled with constipation since birth.  She literally will go poop once to maybe twice a week if she is lucky and it is always with tears and an all day event.  We have tried everything, from suppositories, Miralax, Benefiber supplements, high fiber diet, Flax oil, Mineral oil, infant tummy massage, etc.  Anyway when I got home Sunday night she was still awake.  After the excitement of seeing each other again, I put her on the toilet in the squat position and she immediately started pooping!  I was ecstatic!  We did the same thing yesterday and today with the same results!  This makes arecord three days in a row of her pooping without tears or pain!  I truly feel that God brought me down to Lincoln for many reasons and this is definitely one of them.  Thanks to you all for all of the work you do to help people.  This simple thing will be life changing for everyone in my daughter’s life, as it was always so hard to watch her be so uncomfortable and not be able to help her.  Thanks again!

Posted April 6, 2009 at 6:42PM
Categories: Techniques


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