Lori was in Dallas, TX for Pelvis Restoration.

Thank you Brittani and  EXOS for hosting Pelvis Restoration this past weekend in Frisco, TX.  Almost, half the class attendees were new to PRI!  They were excited about Postural Restoration and at least 8 of them told me they were going to another course this year and were getting other health care practitioners to come with them.  It is rewarding as a Faculty to have a class this excited about learning and not being complacent.  For those of you that have attended other PRI courses, Pelvis Restoration is about going into detail about tri-planer control of (L) AFIR and (R) AFER.  Inhibition of the correct inlet or outlet quadrant will allow for FAIR or FAER control, trunk rotation, ability to integrate floor grounding to allow the neck to “wobble.”  A huge shout out to Sayuri for you wonderful lab assistance this past weekend.

Posted April 5, 2016 at 6:10PM
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