Interdisciplinary Integration Speaker Spotlight – Dr. Heidi Wise and Ron Hruska

More often than not, the topic of our Annual Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium is a direct reflection of Ron’s current clinical experiences. In the past year and a half, Ron and Dr. Heidi Wise have noticed that they are able to change posture and PRI objective tests with auditory input. They have read numerous articles, purchased dozens of books, and clinically have applied auditory changes with several patients in the past year.

Auditory and visual processing pathways are largely parallel in the brain, which explains why many patients with visual processing difficulties also have other sensory processing dysfunction, including auditory. Noting changes in the ways some patients experience changes in their subjective hearing characteristics, including audiologic testing when vision was changed was powerful and was just the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Heidi is personally interested in this area of integration not only because of her passion for vision’s effect on the brain and body, but also due to her lifelong love of music and playing instruments.

Ron and Dr. Heidi have several presentations throughout the two day symposium including:

Knowing Where you Are – Visual and Auditory Interconnectivity (Dr. Heidi Wise)
Dr. Heidi Wise will discuss similarities and parallels between visual and auditory processing for spatial localization. The concepts of sensory coherence and integration of auditory and visual information will help the attendee provide appropriate sensory input for overall successful egocentric location or orientation when working with patients, clients or athletes.  

What is Music? – How to Appreciate the Sounds within Music (Dr. Heidi Wise)
An overview of the fundamental perceptual attributes of music and their neurological influence will be given by Dr. Heidi Wise. To appreciate the benefits of music one should understand the loudness, pitch, contour, rhythm, tempo, timbre, spatial location and reverberation of sound. 

Hyperacusis, Tinnitus and Misophonia – What It Is and What It Is Not (Ron Hruska
An overview of concepts of extra-auditory connections in the brain that are responsible for clinical significant tinnitus and decreased sound tolerance will be given. Enrichment of auditory background weakens the tinnitus signal and enhances connections between the auditory and limbic system so that gradual habituation can occur with former activity or non-activity that is correlated with tinnitus, hyperacusis or misophonia. 

Rhythm, Resonance and Reverbation (Ron Hruska & Dr. Heidi Wise)
Clinical vibration, thoracic resonant rhythm and the timed beat produced by the feet and sacrum will all be discussed as they relate to bioacoustics behavior to patterned sound and noise generated by human activities, otherwise known as anthropogenic noise. 

Human Production of Postural Patterns through Biological Instrumentation (Ron Hruska)
Our biologic instrumentation that we rely on the most for postural organization and positional framework are the paired temporal bones. Localizing sound in auditory space is related to our ability to locate ourselves through temporal bone motion. 

How to Use the Sounds within Music (Ron Hruska & Dr. Heidi Wise) 
This discussion will enable the course attendee vary pitch, volume and tempo of music to enhance laterality with their patients, clients or athletes. 

Case Studies: Clinical Recommendations for Processing Disorders as They Relate to Postural Patterns (Ron Hruska & Dr. Heidi Wise) 
A number of case studies will be presented on patients that have been assessed and treated by Dr. Heidi Wise and Ron Hruska for visual sensory integration that also had underlying auditory processing disorders. Clinical recommendations and suggestions, based on these case histories and outcomes will be provided, as related to movement dysfunction and malpatterned posture. 

Posted March 18, 2016 at 8:34PM
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