Exploring Refrence Centers in Columbus, OH - Course in Review

I’m sitting in a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio winding down on a Sunday evening after a weekend of Impingement and Instability at Donskov Strength and Conditioning.  It's sometimes strange to find yourself sitting quietly just contemplating what has been said over 16 plus hours of lecture time and interaction.  I absolutely love teaching I&I and the class format. I&I ties so many things together.  It's incredible to discover what is tucked away in "Ron's notes".    This class is such a fearless exploration.  We dared to say things like "if you can't pull air into that R ribcage then, clearly, you can't evert your right calcaneus".  To us it made such perfect sense!   To those reading this...well...if it doesn't....then join me, or James Anderson or Ron Hruska and walk into the REAL world of human kinetics, dare to ask questions and challenge yourself as well as the instructors in this truly interactive, advanced class designed for the explorer.   I'm honored to be a part of this journey of exploration; to roam into the cave and look for the initials scratched on the cave walls "RH" and to then keep moving ever forward. Thanks fellow explorers (especially our host Anthony Donskov) for journeying with me.  Grab your flashlights!  Let's go deeper!!!  

Posted March 10, 2016 at 9:32PM


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