James was in the Northwest teaching Myokinematic Restoration

Enjoyed a beautiful weekend in Bothell Washington with John, Anne, Carolyn, Kevin and the staff of Quality Care Physical Therapy. Thank you Cathleen Desmet, PT, PRC for all your help as a lab assistant as we moved into the examination and exercise portion of the training. Thank you to my friend, Randy Fukuji, PT for traveling all the way from Hawaii to participate in this course. Your insights and questions were a great addition to the weekend. And it was great to train 3 of the very sharp and fun PTAs who work with Betsy Baker Bold, PT, PRC and her team in nearby Everett. You guys were all great.
Many in attendance had already taken the Pelvis Restoration class from Jesse Ham and had learned a lot about pelvic inlet and pelvic outlet performance.  They were excited to add a couple of key hip performance elements to their PRI knowledge base, to put things together all the way down and/or all the way up the kinetic chain to the floor. It was great to add three-dimensional control of the acetabulum over the femur and also the use of ligamentous muscle to stabilize pathologically lax hip joints.  
We talked about the finesse needed for ligamentous muscle to stabilize a hip joint when capsuloligamentous laxity destabilizes it. We also talked about acetabular hole control in three planes and what is required of the AF joint during different phases of the gait cycle. We came to appreciate the muscles that oppose the left AIC pattern and the specific planes that are the most necessary for each one of the hip rotator muscles on both the right and left sides of the body.  All in all, it was a great weekend in the Northwest.

Posted March 10, 2016 at 7:43PM
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